20 december 2005

Bye, bye, international students!

Yesterday, we held a reception for the international students who took the international semester on Digital Business Management. In a moving closing speech, Zdravka could easily convince the audience that this has been a wonderful experience. Not only did the students learn quite a lot (often in an other way than would be the case in their home faculties), but the international students will also be friends for life.

I can only confirm these words. It was not only a nice experience for the students, we - on the teaching side - have learned a lot too. What I learned most from the international students, was their eagerness to communicate. Compared with the coyness of our students, it was nothing more or less than an intercultural clash... Hope our (Belgian) students learned from that for their future lives. It really was a wonderful intercultural experience.

Have a nice trip home and many thanks to: Bernardo, Ricardo, Catia, Joana, Joao from Portugal, Risto, Zdravka, Elena, Suzanna from Macedonia, Ramon from Spain, and Istvan from Hungary (hope I didn't forget anyone...). And why not: see you (somewhere, some time)!

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