09 november 2005

Next week: integration week

Next week is the first integration week for NE.

For all of you (i.e. not only for NE, but also for OM and International Students), I will reserve next week's session (14 November) for questions and answers about your integration task.

07 november 2005

Lecture 6: Intercultural leadership

I would like to give some examples of possible differences between "Western" style and an other culture's style of communication. I know that there could be a problem of overgeneralizing, but if I do, please correct me in the comments section.

Communication with people from the Middle East:
- Be patient. Recognize the Arab attitude towards time and hospitality;
- Relationships are much more important than the company (face to face vs. phone);
- Body language and flowery speech;
- Honour: no doubts/criticism in public.

Differences between Japanese and American style:
- No confrontation - confrontation;
- Group - individual(istic);
- Indirect - direct.

Examples of (intercultural) leaders.
- Why are they leaders? Why are they intercultural leaders?
- What is positive about their leadership?
- What is negative about their leadership?

Try to answer these questions (feel free to use the comments section for that) for:
- Malcolm X
- Adolf Hitler
- Ernesto Che Guevarra
- Saddam Hussein
- Mahatma Gandhi
- Joseph Stalin
- Jo Lernout & Pol Hauspie