29 maart 2006

My experiences with this course blog

On the occasion of a workshop about the added value of ICT in the learning process, I discussed this course blog. I would like to share the conclusions with you:

  • Try to stick to a limited time frame: it keeps the work load (relatively) manageable;
  • There is a clear relationship between the lectures (the so-called contact hours) and the comments on this blog; the more I referred to this blog during lecture, the more students posted a comment;
  • This blog resulted in a gradual gathering of course material, which I considered a convenient way for both me and my students: the students were also able to control (part of) the course contents.

And what about the added value? Well, as far as I'm concerned, the most important added value could be found in the fact that this is a different didactic format. As you are aware, the mixture of different formats is a very important didactic issue.

If you happen to have all sorts of added value to this post, please feel free to add in the comments section (Note: Your reaction doesn't need to be in English; most readers of this blog understand Dutch and German as well).